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British Shorthair and  Scottish Folds.

My name is Jan Bradley, I've been breeding and showing British shorthair and Scottish for over 30 years, i am a full judge in the GCCF and LCWW, 

all my kittens are socially reared with us and our dogs, they are full vaccinated, registered, microchipped , insured with AGRIA  at the time of leaving us when at least 13 weeks old, complete with diet sheet, food worming programme and on going advice.


About Me

All the kittens have grown up with Dogs.

Lilac Scottish fold kittens  (1).zip.jpg
All the kitten have grown up with Dogs.

Jan's Pack

Ready To Go

Available end of July.

Scottish kittens
Folded and straight 
Cinnamon, lilac and chocolate tabby all boys.

Scottish folded and straight eared 
Cream, cinnamon and white boys 
Cinnamon and white girl.

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Kittens Available

Kittens from past litters

Contact Me
Testimonial from Shahina
Hi Jan. I’ve never had cats that did not make a beep all the way home in the car. These did not meow once. They are out of this world - just so beautiful but also so cuddly. They love being picked up and they are quite playful. I thought they’d be quite nervous at first in a new place. They are a little cautious but soon as a toy comes out they play. They are investigating and learning the place. Even with Toto and Gloria - they were never this loving. These are very special girls. Thank you so so much. Were all the other siblings like these too? X
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